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The Sandra & Ben Hunter Story

“By donating my husband’s eyes and the gift of sight to someone else, my family’s loss was a little more bearable, and I honored his wishes too. That made me feel good at a time when it’s very difficult to feel good about anything.”

Executive Director, Debbie May-Johnson, and Ambassador and corneal Recipient, Deanna Hartman, discuss the importance of eye, organ and tissue donation.

The Cleveland Eye-Bank has two commercials airing on Fox 8. One features a corneal recipient, Deanna, with her 2 daughters (above). The second features the family of Michael, a 19 year old man that made his wishes known to his family that he wanted to be a donor when he passed away.

The Cleveland Eye Bank is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring sight by providing tissue for transplantation, research, and teaching. The Cleveland Eye Bank serves almost 5 million people and over 60 area hospitals.

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